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The Jewish Holiday of Chanukah...For He is GREAT and Our G-d

We know G-d is TRUE in everything He does...it is man how is a LAIR and he/she will twist the truth for his/her own self evil, yet he/she will tell you its could a sign of the LORD, it is "NOT"...men and women hate, based on a color, NOT the Lord/G-d...so on this day of the start of Chanukah...as a Jew You are the Child of G-d and the Light, You are too give to those who are without, but You shall only assist them if You see and feel SAFE...also, even G-d have said that even that some of them will fool Him, and He is the Lord, so if they claim they are JEWISH, good but they as...

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It's now the NU/New Normal...KJ Warehouse Centers (tm) NO LONGER for MEMBERS ONLY, et al

2day -  is a NU/NEW day @ KJ Warehouse Centers (tm) - Old and NU/New customer(s) NO LONGER require a MEMBERSHIP of any kind to SHOP with US @ KJ Warehouse Ctrs (tm), look being ME is not easy, but I love being me and 99.9% of OUR customers also LOVE BEING themselves...the holidays are now the MOST fun one can every have, if U - R waiting for the GUY in RED, sleep 2 night and TOYS and GAMES, at which WE have them all...and Mom and Dad R prices R very LOW and they SHIPPING is 100% FREE - if the ORDER is $100.00 or MORE, and WE WILL OVERNIGHT the SHIPMENT FOR FREE, CALL US FOR MORE INFORMATION @...

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KJ Warehouse is Back and its way BETTER, than BEFORE...Shop with US EVERYDAY is BLACK FRIDAY, et al!

Black Friday has come and went, now is CYBER MONDAY and KJ WAREHOUSE CENTERS will offer everthing at up to 89% discount and 100% FREE SHIPPING ( that includes EXPRESS MAIL, 2 this is limited, so HURRY!!!!!!!) Now, every RETAILER is gunning for Your shopping business, but everyone have a SALE, today or after THANKSGIVING, not US, at KJ's everyday is a so-called sale YOU can SAVE up to 90% on most items WE have in STOCK here and/or at any of our SITES, and NOTHING is SECOND HAND, its ALL NU/NEW and FRESH ITEM(S)...and YES, we have LOTS of TOYS and GAMES for the small kids, up to the BIG KIDS...such as Mattel, PlayShol, PS3 - 4, XBOXES, Wii,...

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The Mornin' After the Weekend of Relaxing...but "NOW" its that time Again shoppin' & gifts for the Holidays!?

Hi or Hello, mom and/or dad or just both, its that time in your life that YOU must shop for those YOU love and care for husband, wife, life partner, kids, your mom and/or dad or others within YOUR family or just a very good friend or Two! Now money is just a little tight, LAYAWAY is an OPTION, now Walmart has it, but YOU put down up to 25% down and YOU don't get the items until paid off...wait, with US @ KJ Warehouse Centers (tm) has a LAYAWAY PLAN, TOO! but YOU have the same up to 25% down payment, BUT one change is that WE ship YOU the item, its called TRUST, and as a customer WE...

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Whats Next at KJ Warehouse!?

Now did YOU know that "KJ" stands for Kountry Joe's, cool stuff that is why We decided to post this...now the time is coming when We must decide what We MUST do concerning what We need to do today, during the Holidays that are coming...We could make some suggestion, but they just might get READ but that's all someone will do...like OUR MOM'S would tell US - that telling People that...they can SAVE MONEY...they will NOT SAVE with YOU they will spend it at some other places, such as, Walmart, Target, SEARS, Kmart, EBAY or even Amazon only to see that they could have actually SAVED more money else where, but they feel for the BULLSHIT HYPE, called advertisement, SAD...

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